torsdag 29 december 2011

Words from Savannah :)

 Hey everybody!! this is Savannah, Majas host sister. I get to tell you all the crazy things we do here in little old Rexburg Idaho! Ok, well... we party 24/7, we eat sugary candy- not nasty black licorice salty stuff you all eat. :P eww its so gross!!  I had Maja try peanut butter and she absolutely loved it! right now we are watching "The Walking Dead" and I feel like im going to throw up any second. I told Maja that I might end up sleeping in her bed tonight. this show is is super disgusting. Maja has me hooked on Sims now.. and she thinks its funny to post stupid things I say about sims on facebook. Now dont go read what she posted. okay thanks! umm, im super tired right now, and typing on majas computer doesnt help, because its completely different. (messed up)

okay this has been fun telling you all this random things. soo stay in school, dont do drugs and choose the right! Happy NEW YEARS! .

Indefinitely - Puss på er ♥

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