söndag 2 januari 2011

Day 01 – Introduce yourself

well (:
jag hinner inte skriva just nu så jag kopierar från mitt brev till USA !

My name is Maja Lundmark and I am 17 years old. I live in the south of Sweden in a quite small town called Tranås with approximately 18 000 inhabitants. I live with my family in an ordinary house by a school called Fröafall where I went when I was little.
My family consist of my little sister Moa who is 13 years old and my bigger sister Frida who's 19 years old. My mother’s name is Marie and my father’s name is Conny.
Both me and Moa are tall for our ages, we're both taller than Frida and our mom. I guess that we've got that from our dad. Despite our length difference, people say that it's me and Frida who are similar not me and Moa.
Frida graduated this summer and now she works as a personal assistant. At her sparetime she plays floor bandy in the same team as me so we hang out at the bandy field. She also loves hanging out with her friends and go shopping, especially shoes. Moa on the other hand loves to work out and she does sports like soccer, basket and skiing but she also plays guitar.

I am a girl who loves to laugh and hang out with my friends and family. I also love playing floor bandy, dancing and to go skiing. Summer's my favorite season because I love to sunbath and bath in the sea or lake. I love music and I’m not afraid of new things and changes. Travel is something that I really like too, I realize now that I could write thousands of things that I like to do. 

About my personality: I'm outgoing, social and active. I'm joking often when I get to know people because I hate "embarrassing silence".  I hope that’s a good thing, haha.  Of course I have some bad sides too, I’m always lazy and tired in mornings and I’m addicted to my cell phone and my calendar. I have a bad memory and find it hard to remember names and I really can’t sing but I still think that is fun though, not like that’s important but anyways.
My favorite animals are cows and cats.

At school I’m involved in Student Organizations like peers and student council. At our meetings with peers we talk about how to solve problems with bullying and how to prevent it. And I've the responsibility of all the student councils money. I sit on the boards of both peers and student council and I’m also included in the school Conferences, with teachers and principals. 

I believe in the saying - what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.

och btw, jag ska till USA i ÅR !

ni som inte orkar läsa engelska får väll helt enkelt köra google translate, och hej - jag är mänsklig så jag kan ha skrivit en massa fel. MEN VAD GÖR DET OM HUNDRA ÅR ?

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